About us

GRYNS is not just a trendy way to name the vegetables. It comes from a Lithuanian word that means “pure” and “clean”. And we are living up to our name – our greens are fresh and natural, just like straight from your own garden. Our greenhouses are filled with juicy, fragrant, and, of course nutritious veggies, as well as aromatic and tasty herbs to lift your dish to the next level.

It all started on a sunny day visiting grandma back in 2016, when the Baltic breeze wafted the scent of a freshly cut cucumber over our dinner table. We then decided to bring that freshness and raw nature of vegetables to the tables across the globe – whether it’s a salad, garnish or maybe just a cheeky raw bite of a sweet cucumber.

We firmly believe that handpicked greens are tastier than those pulled out by a machine. That’s why we use our hands to pick our veggies, so you’d get that same subtle yet distinctive taste you’ve learned to love.

GRYNS is sustainable and, well, green business partner, vegetable lover and grower.

Our greenhouses

Our greenhouses are as green as our greens, and we are not talking about the color. We cherish innovation in its purest form and value the environment we live and grow our greens in! It’s why our grown products always enjoy comfortable temperature without using any fossil fuels and without emitting any CO₂.

GRYNS vegetables live and grow in a comfortable, cozy environment. Our greenhouses are equipped with the latest in the climate management:

  • Automated temperature, watering, shadow management systems
  • Light management systems (ensuring loads of natural light)
  • Own borehole with top-tier water filtering systems
our world

What we offer

We take our clients the same way we take our greens – with uncompromising care and attention. Among everything, we can offer:

  • All the year round supply.
  • Flexibility in order quantities and production schedules.
  • Wide range of products – regular and new kinds.
  • Dedicated area in modern greenhouses to fulfill your assortment ideas.
  • Packaging with your private label and our own brands.
  • Deliveries to where and when you need it.