Always seen as the green with the best curls.

Lettuce (Lollo Biondo)

Bold taste, not for faint-hearted.

Lettuce (Lollo Rosso)

Mild and sweet. To much surprise, has nothing to do with oak leaves.

Lettuce (Oak leaf)

Some studies say that raw spinach may give you immense strength and severely deformed arms. All we know is that it’s so darn tasty.


At some point the amount of rocket on your pizza will turn it into a salad.


Perfect for salads that lack colour and personality.

Beetroot leaves

Need a finishing combo for your dish? This one combos with itself.

Onion springs

Works wonders with seafood, potatoes, eggs, fish or carrots. Or anything, really.


Perfect for making a pesto. Or seasoning your pasta. Or mixing a Bloody Mary. Actually, nevermind, it works best with Bloody Mary.


If you ever wondered what the aroma of Italy is, well, there you have it.


A true taste superstar.


If you think you can overdo with corriander, trust us, you can’t.


So popular, it’s often confused with Elvis.


The freshness is strong with this one.


The taste is great and all, but we all know we buy them for that perfect crunchiness, don’t we?


Crunchy, tasty, and ready to share.

Long cucumbers

Calling it a classic would be an understatement.

Red tomatoes

Makes your salad look more fun and outgoing.

Yellow tomatoes

Fun-sized tomatoes, perfect for parties or late-night munchies.

Cherry tomatoes

Can be used for salad or just as a healthy snack.

Pear tomatoes

Fun-sized tomatoes in their natural packaging.

Tomato branches

Get a great taste without being mainstream!

RAF tomatoes

Our greenhouses have a dedicated space for your on-demand vegetable growth.

The types of packaging and amounts per pack can be individually agreed-upon and tailored to the clients’ needs.

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